Certified Yoga Teacher, Founder

My name is Sophie. I'm the owner of Firefly Yoga. I took up Hot Yoga while at university and absolutely fell in love with yoga. 



During my final year of university I completed my Level 3 Yoga Diploma, Hot Yoga Certificate and Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certificate. I trained with Group X Training.


My My Level 3 Yoga Diploma included the following modules:

  • Underpinning the principles of teaching yoga

  • Health and safety for yoga

  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga (Level 2)

  • Planning a series of yoga sessions

  • Teaching a yoga session (practical assessment)


I also attended a series of practical days covering the following topics:

  • Yoga posture clinic

  • Learning to teach yoga

  • Breathing, bandhas, mudras and meditation

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga (separate practical qualification)

My Hot Yoga Certificate included the following modules:

  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga (Level 3)

  • Health and safety for Hot Yoga

  • Hot Yoga assessment

I also attended several training days where we trained and practised teaching in the heat with the added challenges that it brings. 


I started teaching in June of 2017 in a number of different venues whilst working on getting my own yoga studio up and running.


Firefly Yoga studio officially opening in November 2017 and closed in September 2021. 

Following the closure of my bricks and motor studio I continued to teach online and in the community. I also began offering public and private yoga retreats and yoga parties. 


Yoga is both my hobby and my job. I believe with the right modifications yoga is and can be accessible to everyone!