Level: Advanced

Price: £5

Duration: 1 Hour

Advanced Hatha Yoga

Advanced Hatha Yoga is a chance to try more challenging poses that would not come up in a regular Firefly Yoga class. In this very relaxed and fun filled class we work on between 5 & 8 advanced poses each week, interspersed with old favourites to allow you to warm up & prepare your muscles. 


Advanced Hatha Yoga classes have themes that last 6 weeks. This continuous focus on one muscle group, area of the body or class of poses give you chance to build on your progress each week and really see results. 

Take a look below at some of the possible themes for this class. To find out what theme is running current Contact Us or check the events tab of our Facebook Page




Always wanted to do the splits? Well now you can with this Advanced Hatha Yoga theme!


During the 6 weeks we will cover hip & hamstring warm ups before moving on to trying the splits each week.

As well as classic front facing splits we will also try box splits & standing splits.


Arm Balances

6 weeks  dedicated to arm balances. Each week we will look at 2 new arm balance poses as well as reviewing those from previous weeks. 


We will begin each session with a warm up poses. You will then have free time to practice the pose at your own pace, with plenty of time to ask any questions you have and get individual advice and support on the poses from Sophie. 


Partner Yoga

A fun class for you and a partner where you will perform traditional poses together and use each other body-weight to stretch deeper than you could on your own. We also work on some 'Acro Yoga' style poses. 


Back & Shoulders

The back and shoulder theme will focus on poses such as Wheel, Shoulder Stand & Bridge. This is also a great theme to stretch and strengthen your back & well as counteract round shoulders. 



A theme focusing solely on balancing. This will include standing balances, side balances and other balances such as handstand.