Level: Beginner

Price: £5

Duration: 1 Hour

Beginner Yoga Classes In Cwmfelinfach, Caerphilly County

Firefly Yoga Studio is located in Cwmfelinfach, but is commutable from surrounding locations including Caerphilly. 

All our classes here at Firefly yoga are suitable for beginners. However, we know all the different names and styles can be overwhelming if you’ve never done yoga before.

To decide what class is best for you based on what you'd like to get out of coming to yoga we recommend taking our quiz below. 

 Alternatively, sign up to our Firefly Online at home video service where you'll be able to try all class styles from the comfort and privacy of your own home. For more information on this service click the Firefly Online tab. 

Why Start Yoga?

Pyshical Benefits

  1. Increased strength

  2. Increase flexibility

  3. Improved balance

  4. Possibility of weight loss

Mental Benefits

  1. Peace of mind

  2. Feeling of well-being

  3. Stress reduction

  4. Improved concentration

  5. Increased happiness