4 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be Your New Years Resolution

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

January has almost finished which could mean 1 of 2 things.

You’re sticking to or have stuck to your New Year’s Resolution (so far)


You haven't.

If you've stuck to your resolution so far, well done!. If you haven't, fear not, you've still got the rest of the year.

If you haven't got one yet, or are looking for a new one, you might want to consider giving yoga a try.

Now of course we may seem a little biased. But hear us out, as we detail the 4 reasons for giving yoga a try.

1. It's not as scary or as hard as you think

We recently published our beginner yoga survey which revealed some interesting statistics.

29% of beginners said they were worried they wouldn't be able to do it. Which is how you might be feeling right now.

However, over 40% of those surveyed said their first class wasn't as bad as they thought it would be. 23% said they were worried for nothing!

So that initial fear you may be feeling will soon vanish. This will most likely be after your first few classes as 50% of those surveyed said they felt completely comfortable after 1-2 classes.

Just muster up that initial courage and book your first yoga class now.

Unsure what class is for you? Read our guide to choosing.

To get over that initial stumbling block, invite a friend to go with you. Or you can pay for block bookings and commit yourself to going to more than just one class.

2. The reported benefits can't be ignored

The benefits of yoga have been well written and spoken about.

Yep, that's over 500 million pages on the internet that talk about the benefits of yoga.

We've even covered how yoga has literally changed the lives of these 5 people.

These examples just go to show that the well reported benefits of yoga cannot be ignored.

In short, the reported benefits are:

  • increased flexibility.

  • increased muscle strength and tone.

  • improved respiration, energy and vitality.

  • maintaining a balanced metabolism.

  • weight reduction.

  • cardio and circulatory health.

  • improved athletic performance.

  • protection from injury.

It's like everyone telling you to watch Game of Thrones. It really is that good.

3. It builds confidence, commitment & determination

If you truly apply yourself to yoga, you'll find more than just the reported benefits above.

Yoga helps develop commitment and self-determination. Go to your classes every week until it becomes a routine and it feels weird not going.

Can't do a pose? Practice at home, conquer it and move on to the next, more advanced one. Keep progressing.

Even small victories in yoga will help build your self-confidence, self-determination and commitment.

This shift in mindset can be transferred into other aspects of your life. It's evident in the 5 life changing stories we highlighted above.

Once you see you can do something you may have thought you couldn't, and may even become good at it, why stop with yoga?

With this realisation the walls may come down on other things you wanted to try.

You'll discover you can do something if you put your mind to it.

4. If you could ask 50 beginners, they would all tell you the same thing.

Now you've probably asked you friends or family about yoga, or they may have told you to try it already.

Well, we went one step further and asked 50 beginners what they would say to anyone who was thinking of starting yoga.

You can read all their responses by following the link above.

However, every single response can be summed up in four words.


All 50 responses were positive and encouraged those to try it. As mentioned in reason number 1, our research suggests that after 1 or 2 lessons you will feel completely comfortable.

These responses from beginners are a testament to the fact that you just need to get over the initial fear and give it a go.

What have you got to lose?

Hopefully you are no longer on the fence about trying yoga as your new year’s resolution.

We have classes 7 days a week and they are suitable for all levels of abilities.

With different types of yoga to choose from, including hot yoga, you can be sure to find one you like.

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