7 Yogis To Follow On Instagram For Inspiration & Motivation

If you have an Instagram account, you'll be well aware of the wonders and rabbit holes you can fall down scrolling through endless posts.

If you’re a yogi on Instagram you may be aware of the massive community that is active on the platform. If not, this blog is for you. These are my top 10 accounts to follow on Instagram for inspiration and motivation.

These accounts I believe will make you look forward to your weekly yoga class even more! These accounts have beautiful photos, amazing poses, and fabulous inspiration.

They share their yoga journeys, their ups, and downs and just generally stuff I believe you will enjoy. What they have in common is that they all motivate, inspire and show the world of yoga so you can’t help but fall in love with it, and them!

Note: Remember that your yoga journey is unique to you. Only attempt any of the poses you see on Instagram if you feel it is right for your body.

1. LAURA SYKORA - @laurasykora

Who is she? Laura is one of the most followed "instayogis" out there with over 900k followers. And there's a reason for that! She practices yoga daily to find stillness and peace within her daily busy life.

In her feed, you'll find fun inversions and inspiring balances. But the ones that will make you smile are the ones that include Laura’s beautiful family. She sometimes teams up with her daughter in matching yoga pants, and well it's of course adorable.

She’s also one half of the team over at Two Fit Moms which she started with her fellow yogi and long-time best friend, Masumi Goldman.

Why you will love her: Her commitment to daily practice is exactly the dedication you will want to see. She'll also post instructive photos of her practice every day which will help you learn new poses if you wish. As a bonus, the photos of Laura and her “mini” are some of the best and sometimes viral yoga posts on Instagram

2. HONZA & CLAUDINE LAFOND - @yogabeyond

Who are they? No compilation of yoga instagrammers would be complete without Honza and Claudine. If you find yourself in awe of AcroYoga this is the account for you. They are also the power couple behind YogaBeyond.

The couple shares stunning AcroYoga shots, which they as famous for. One will typically serve as the foundation. The other seemingly soars overhead which produces some stunning photos.

Why you will love them: Their truly insane AcroYoga photos. They both travel the world teaching AcroYoga, so they often post insane views, combined with mid blowing poses! They’re also genuinely sweet, happy people, and an adorable couple, to boot.

3. KERRI VERNA - @beachyogagirl

Who is she? As her handle suggests Kerri is a yoga instructor who loves to be on the beach! and can usually be found striking awesome yoga poses around West Palm Beach.

Yoga’s not all she can teach though! She has five separate fitness certifications, including Pilates and Personal Training.

Why you will love her: If you like seeing photos of awesome beaches with inspiring yoga poses this ones for you.

She performs more of the advance asana, but this should inspire you to push yourself that little bit further in your next session.

4. Taylor Harkness - @tjhark

Who is he? After seeing the gritty side of life being a 911 paramedic Taylor found his love for yoga in a community that actively takes care of themselves. He is a yoga instructor whose mission is to inspire his students to have fun on and off the mat. However, his yoga post days may be numbered as he is pursuing a graduate degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

He is also an avid rock climber and self-proclaimed “hungry learner.” His motto is “Shine On”, a reminder to be your best self in all aspects of life.

Why you will love him: He’s the ultimate proof that flexibility doesn’t have to be barrier for guys who practice yoga. He also posts everyday photos, with his dogs and friends. He pretty much embodies everything right about the yogi world.

5. Rachel Brathen - @yoga_girl

Who is she? Swedish-born Rachel Brathen was one of the first instructors to take her practice out to sea with Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. She is pretty much the yoga girl with one of the largest yoga Instagram accounts out there. Follow her and you'll understand why.

Rachel is one genuinely authentic yoga girl you can’t help but love.

Why you will love her: She’s unfazed by getting personal on Instagram, so much so you will begin to feel like her friend. Her photos are peaceful and joyful that will just inspire you. You'll be sticking on her photos for a while taking it all in.

6. Carson Clay Calhoun - @carsonclaycalhoun

Who is he? We have Caron's mom to thank you for this Instagram page. After years of encouragement from her Carson finally started yoga in 2010.

He blends various disciplines into his classes all aimed at building a strong body and mind. He is also a self-described “Handstand-Up Comedian.

Why you will love him: That handstand-up comedian thing will make sense when you follow him. You'll never be at a loss for yoga-related fun if you follow this guy.

7. CAITLIN TURNER - @gypsetgoddess

Who is she? Caitlin travels the world to teach and snap yoga photos in the most unusual places.

She created the name Gypset as a mash-up of “gypsy” and “jet set”. Which sums up this yogi perfectly. Her Instagram account takes yoga well and truly off the mat and onto mountaintops, beaches, and various landmarks.

Why you will love her: You'll get yoga and travel inspiration with this one, what better combination is there?

Her posts are varied and random, from doing a handstand on an airport moving walkway to meditatively posing atop an elephant.

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