8 Things To Try If You Love Yoga

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

If you tell me your completely hooked on yoga and look forward to your lessons every week, I’ll probably have the biggest smile on my face.

It's my aim to make yoga open to everyone, making them feel comfortable in practising yoga, but also ensuring they push themselves to improve.

There's nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s strength improve, or mastering a difficult pose they once struggled to do.

Yoga is a great introduction into exercise and looking after your health in general. I'll always want my students to keep improving.

In some cases, this will mean taking up other exercises outside of yoga. Which I’m all for! (as long as you still come to my classes)

If I can get you to the point where you want to take your physical health to the next level, I'll have an even bigger smile on my face.

So, with that said, here are some other activities you can consider to take up alongside yoga.

1. A Dance / Fitness Class

There's more and more of these combinations popping up. The most popular is probably Zumba.

A much more upbeat and energetic class to yoga, but you'll still get the fun group class vibes.

Your balance and mind-body co-ordination will be put to work in these classes. They will be a nice way to "level up".

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2. A "Normal" Dance Class

You’ll work up a sweat during fast and furious dance workouts, which are as challenging for your mind as they are for your body.

Dance classes will provide another fun group setting for you. You'll also make use of the balance and body co-ordination you've built up with yoga.

Also, who doesn't wish they could properly dance?

Don't lie, you do.

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3. CrossFit

This one will be for those who really want to get in shape. CrossFit focuses on safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. It's suitable for everyone, men, women, beginners and experienced lifters.

This will take the strength you've built up in yoga and take it to the next level. There's also a great sense of community at these.



4. Boxercise

Boxercise is a high intensity interval training class based on boxing training but there are no sparring or competitive bouts.

Boxing in general is one of the best sports you can do to get in shape, so you'll definitely get a work out with this one.



5. Swimming

A nice easy one to try and get into.

The benefits of swimming are endless. It's another exercise that will challenge every muscle group while supporting your weight.

If you're looking for more of a cardio heavy work out this could be the one for you!



6. Martial Arts

Many martial arts have the same age-old heritage and well-established belief structures which often seem to set yoga apart.

When your struggling in a yoga class but push through, that grit is what will help you with martial arts.

The balance and flexibility you've built will also pay dividends here. I'm not saying you're going to be doing any spinning kicks straight away, but you should be able to pick things up quickly.

Martial arts will also give you more of a work out than yoga, you'll also learn the valuable life skill of being able to defend yourself.

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7. Rock Climbing

It might be hard to seem any similarities between a brightly coloured wall and the calming effects of yoga. But stay with me.

On a physical level, climbing will concentrate on strengthening each and every muscle. Even those tiny, yet often most important ones, in a similar way an all-over yoga routine would.

So those muscles that you never knew you had before yoga will be put to even greater use.

At the same time, you'll need that determination and resilience to push through and climb that wall.




8. Trapeze

One of the main benefits of practising yoga is the way it develops the body’s flexibility and strength. If you master a pose it can look effortless to on lookers but you know how hard some can be.

There's a similar dichotomy at play in the circus art of trapeze, which uses swings, ropes and silks to create artful air routines.

You'll be using the strength you've built in yoga to help you perform gravity defying routines. Those who regularly do trapeze often speak about its transformative qualities for both mind and body.



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