A Beginner Yogis Worst Fears

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Starting anything new is always daunting.

Sometimes you just have to find the courage to overcome your self-doubt and just do it.

Yoga is no different.

If you've never been to yoga before, the idea of going into a class of 20+ people you dont know, performing moves you've never done, is bound to be scary.

We recently surveyed 50 beginner yogis to find out what their biggest fears and worries were.

Were they right to be worried or was it all over nothing?

Q1. What Was Your Biggest Fear About Starting Yoga?

The number 1 fear about starting yoga is "I wouldn't be able to do it" with 29% of the votes.

This may not be much of a surprise as its pretty understandable, especially for a newbie. It's one of the biggest doubts you can have when trying something new.

It's important to remember that it's only scary because it is new. As soon as you've done something once, you'll realise you can do it and there's nothing to worry about.

In 2nd place with just over 19% of the votes is "being judged by others" and in 3rd "looking silly" with 18%.

Again, this is understandable. For any regular yogis out there you'll know this is far from the truth. Everyone in a yoga class is focusing on themselves and their own journey.

Just over 16% of those surveyed said they didn't have any fears.

Q2. After your first class, how did you feel?

Over 40% of beginner yogis said their first class wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.

23% said they were worried for nothing!

None of those surveyed said their fear came true and would stop them attending another session.

As you can see, overcoming that initial fear and just going to your first class could set you on a great journey!

This is highlighted even more with a comment from one of the respondents.

"I also loved how inclusive my first class felt. As a beginner I was a bit nervous but when we started, I instantly felt at ease"

Q.3 After how many classes did you feel completely comfortable?

50% of beginner yogis said that they felt comfortable after 1-2 yoga classes. This is great news for anyone looking to start yoga as you could become a bonified yogi after just one week!

A further 34% felt comfortable after 3-5 classes.

Again, overcoming that initial fear and just going to your first lesson will show you:

  1. You had nothing to worry about.

  2. You'll feel comfortable within a few lessons.

One thing you could try is to buy a pass or block booking. Committing to say 4 or more lessons up front will help you stay focused and committed. 

Agree with the results? What was your biggest fear when you first started?

Leave a comment below!

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