Looking Back: Have you realised how far you've come?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

As we edge ever closer to a new year, and even a new decade it's about the right time for a perspective check.

So, this blog is for two people. One, those who have been practicing yoga for a while, and two, those who are still on the fence about starting.

To help with this I posted a survey on our social profiles in the hope some of my students would fill it out. Thank you to those who did! I have 14 responses who will remain anonymous.

So, first to those who have been practicing yoga a while I hope this blog serves its purpose and helps you take stock of how far you have come.

Starting anything new is daunting, it may feel like ages ago since you first started and I hope that brings a smile to your face.

Whilst you may have been nervous when you started or struggled with certain poses, I bet you don't now.

Out of the 14 responses we had all 14 agreed that over the time they have been attending yoga their ability has improved. Some even just in 3 months!

Whilst this may be no surprise to some, it's important to remember that "oh I can’t to it. I'd be rubbish at that. I'm not flexible enough" are not valid reasons. You will be able to do it.

With commitment and consistency, you can master anything you put your mind to. You just need to be patient.

I also asked if students felt proud of how far they have come in the time they have been practicing yoga.

So, as you can see the majority do! Again, with consistent effort you will get better. You will improve, and you will see the benefits. You will be proud of how far you've come.

If you're reading this take a minute and just take a minute to look back to when you first started. Are you proud of where you're at now?

Now there are many benefits to yoga that people are aware of. Increasing flexibility, de-stress and more. But the two biggest benefits are one’s people don't write enough about.

1. You will actually make some awesome friends.

2. Your mindset will get healthier.

One of the questions I asked was " Since you started yoga, do you feel it has helped you make more positive/healthy life choices?"

So, there we go, 12 of those who responded felt as though yoga has helped them make healthier choices.

Again, if you're reading this have you noticed the same? Have you made lifestyle changes because of yoga? Have you cut down on certain foods? Started going for walks?

Just take another minute and have a think about your mindset now compared to when you first started yoga.

For those thinking of starting yoga

For those who are thinking about starting yoga, I hope the above will put things into perspective for you. We all have to start somewhere; the important thing is that we just start.

The new year is coming so why not just sign up for a class, go to a couple and just try it. Drag a friend, a sister or a husband along and try yoga.

If the above hasn’t convinced you the below might.

In their own words

For the final part, I asked those who responded, to sum up the overall impact practicing yoga has had on their life. The responses are great.

I was dubious about starting yoga, but after attending my first class was hooked! I now attend classes twice a week and if I can’t make it, I really miss it. Yoga makes me feel rejuvenated, has lowered my blood pressure and definitely made me sleep better at night. Loved attending the yoga retreat and making new friends and can’t wait to go on the next one!

I have made new friends. Improved my flexibility and general wellbeing. Am trying new foods as a result of meeting new people. Overall it has had a positive effect on my life.

I feel fitter, more supple and flexible and chronic back and shoulder problems much improved. I feel more relaxed in general but especially after a class. Enjoyed meeting new people and appreciate the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the studio.

Yoga has changed my life literally - I have a fab group of Yogi friends, I am much more flexible, feel happier, healthier and I no longer need anti-depressants.
I can stretch! I had forgotten how lovely it is to lie in bed and stretch before getting up. I really enjoy the relaxation too xx
Taking time to practice and not worry about anything else is freeing. Before starting at the studio, I had been following guides on YouTube but found that doing so in the house was often difficult due to space, this led me discover Firefly. In the few months I've been coming I've noticed my flexibility, balance and strength have improved, this has given me confidence both in practice and in day to day activities.
Yoga has helped me feel physically and mentally fitter. The classes are so lovely and welcoming I am happy to come on my own and either to chat to others or sit on my own if I chose, neither feels awkward. I know when I haven't been for a while as I feel 'off' and that when I return to class, I'll feel balanced and settled again.
Yoga has helped with my back pain as well as my flexibility and balance. It has also helped me to calm down and stop going at everything 100 miles an hour and take more time to look after myself. I have met some great friends along my yoga journey.

Always remember where you've come from.

I think it's always important to look back on the journey you’re on. Remember where you have started from and how far you've come.

You may have proved yourself wrong, you can do yoga, you are flexible.

If you've proven yourself wrong with conquering yoga, what else can you do?

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