Make 2020 Your Year of Yoga

If you're reading this someone has probably said "you should try yoga" to you at some point. They're not wrong.

Now, you may have listened and gone to a few lessons. Or you may have thought "yea okay" but never actually got around to going to your class. Or you could be a yoga veteran by now going twice a week!

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If you fall into either of those first two categories this blog is for you. You have probably heard people go on about the benefits of yoga enough so we won't focus to much on them.

This blog is more around helping you overcome the little things that might be holding you back from going full yogi.

Going full yogi won’t cause you to braid your hair or stop showering by the way. But it will allow you to fully commit and embrace the classes you're attending.

What other beginners have to say...

Now if you're thinking of starting yoga it may help to hear what some recent beginners have had to say.

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TL: DR: All 50 pretty much say, JUST DO IT.


Some of the highlights include:

"Try it and see for yourself as preconceptions are not always correct! You can go at your own level, stop when you need to and most importantly feel like you have accomplished something by trying something new."

Just do it! You notice improvements every week, it’s great to help switch off from everything else - all of us have our off days in class, even the best ones look silly in certain poses, everyone is there to improve their well-being and to have fun, not to judge.

"Give it a go! I’m the worst flexible person but I just try and get into the stretch, sometimes have to readjust and try again. That’s OK."

Overcoming those fears

Now if you want to try yoga but have that little voice inside your head filling you with self-doubt this should help.

We surveyed 50 beginners’ yogis and got them to share their worst fears and if ay came true.

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The main takeaways will hopefully be enough to shut that little voice up.

The number 1 fear about starting yoga is "I wouldn't be able to do it" with 29% of the votes.

In 2nd place with just over 19% of the votes is "being judged by others" and in 3rd "looking silly" with 18%.

These may be familiar to you, however we also found that 50% of beginner yogis said that they felt comfortable after 1-2 yoga classes.

So, all you have to do is get through 1 or 2 classes and you could be set. Your fear could be gone and you can focus on improving.

Remember the long game

As we're at the start of the year it's important you don't just set short term goals, or expect results instantly. As with anything consistent effort is the path to mastery. Real change takes time. Yoga is no different.

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Again, we surveyed a few of our regulars who had started yoga recently.

Out of the 14 responses we had all 14 agreed that over the time they have been attending yoga their ability has improved. Some even just in 3 months!

So, it's important to remember that you're not going to be able to do every pose straight away. Yoga is only about you and your body, no one else, no comparisons needed.

As part of making 2020 your year of yoga, you need to look past Feb, March, and April. Think about how good you will be in July!

All our respondents agreed they improved their ability when consistently attending classes. So, stick at it.

If you find you're not liking it speak to your teacher about the different classes that are available. You may not just like the class type you’re in.

How to keep going to yoga

It's fair to say new year’s resolutions don't always last. This can be for many reasons.

One we touched on earlier, expecting instant results and not thinking long term. We delved deeper into this in another blog that you can read.

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So, like the above it's important to think long term. It's not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is needed. Start small and begin working toward it, one step at a time.

So, find your yoga class and stick at it. It's that simple.

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