Monthly Passes Are Back!

They're back and they've had an upgrade!

Last time we re-opened some people were disappointed monthly passes weren't available. We've listened to your feedback and they're back for this re-opening (hopefully the last re-opening!). We've made some changes to the monthly passes to make them financially viable with reduced class numbers. The passes are also now completely automated and will work much better with our online booking system.

The changes:

  • Running monthly rather than each week for 4 weeks - instead of being restricted to a certain number of classes each week you will now have a set amount of classes to use each calendar month.

  • All class styles included - no standard or premium anymore; everything is included in these passes.

  • Slightly more expensive - the passes aren't as heavily discounted as they were but we believe the monthly flexibility detailed above & the all styles inclusive means you'll get more value for money and are less likely to miss out on any classes you've paid for.

  • More options - as they are now running monthly we've added more options so that some weeks you could come more often than others.

  • 2 payment options - each pass comes in 2 option, auto-renewing each month or one off payments; as we used to do before. The auto-renew option offers more of a discount than the one off payments as a thank you for your commitment.

  • Passes can be shared - as you have a set amount of classes to use per month you are welcome to share a pass (excluding the unlimited pass) between you and someone else. To do this you will need to use the same account on the website.

  • Firefly Online access included - all passes will have access to Firefly Online included.

As the passes are now fully automated you'll be able to use them to book your classes online without needing to enter a discount code. You'll also be able to see how many classes you have left and when you pass expires - all from your account on the website.

The video below shows you how to order and use these passes:


Will the longer passes be coming back?

I'm not sure - not for the foreseeable future as we can't guarantee there won't be anymore lockdown. Once we're sure we're open for good we will look into the financial viability of the longer term passes.

What about my current pass?

If you had a pass pre original lockdown over the next few days you will be contacted to let you know its either been added to your account on the website; or asking you to create an account on the website so your pass can be added.

Any questions please do let me know.

Sophie x

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