Should I Only Do One Style Of Yoga?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Whether you’re a newbie or a regular, this question often pops up.

When you’re first starting out, the different types of yoga can be confusing. If you're a beginner trying to decide what class to attend, check out our guide to choosing what yoga class to attend.

At Firefly Yoga we believe there is a style of yoga to suit everyone, no matter your fitness, age, body shape or goals.

Yoga develops strength and balance, as well as flexibility – the latter is a consequence of practising yoga, not a prerequisite.

Yoga can create a feeling of self-satisfaction and achievement. But to get the most benefit and enjoyment, you need to find a yoga style and teacher that suits you.

If you're lucky the studio you attend will offer a wide variety of classes. And we're assuming you like the teacher ;)

So, what happens when you get to advanced poses or find yourself getting a bit bored of the current routine? Perhaps you lack the enthusiasm you once had to go to a class?

Well you can easily switch things up. Be it bringing a friend or trying a different type of yoga.

My advice would be to try as many different types of yoga classes as you can. We currently offer 7 different types throughout the week.

Having said that, there are some benefits of sticking to one style. You can completely give your all to it. Mastering poses and achieving a great level of confidence in your yoga ability.

It can take a while to get bored of yoga, it may not even happen at all. Especially if you have a great group of people in your class.

There's nothing wrong with sticking with one style. No one has the authority to decide the right way for anyone else.

Benefits of Sticking to One Type

  1. Satisfaction with each class

  2. Mastering the movements

  3. Getting the maximum benefit associated with the type of yoga

  4. Moving and breathing at a preferred pace

  5. Avoiding confusing between classes

Yoga is fundamentally a deeply personal practice; no-one system or approach is better or worse than any other. If you are growing through your yoga and love doing it, then it's working.

The key bit is the word "growing".

If you find yourself feeling comfortable with the routine, switch.

There are also some disadvantages to sticking with one style of yoga. You could be limiting your growth on a physical level and could even become complacent, which may result in accidental injuries.

If you've overcome any initial fears with trying yoga in the first place, what’s the worst that can happen in switching the style up?

3 Reasons to try different yoga styles

1. Shock your system

You may have had specific goals when starting yoga; Lose weight, improve your balance, or just to simply be more active.

The human body is extremely adaptable, but can get too used to a routine. Just as body builders mix up their workout routine, it can be beneficial to mix up your yoga routine.

With your body getting used to specific poses and how long you hold poses for, switching things up is a great way to keep it guessing.

It will also help you continue to achieve the goals you initially set out to achieve.

2. Keep Growing

As mentioned above, you may have found the prospect of trying yoga a bit daunting. Well, if you've overcome that fear and grown in confidence the best thing you can do is keep this going.

If you can do one style, why can't you do another style? Keep trying new things and keep your confidence levels growing.

3. Your goals have changed

Depending on the reason that you initially started yoga could influence what type of yoga class you do.

For example if your goal was just to get more active, you may start with Hatha yoga as a nice gentle introduction. Once this has been achieved, your goal may be to lose weight or work up a sweat.

Now would be the right time to switch styles to something more advanced and challenging. You could try Vinyasa flow for example.

Each different type of yoga style can help you improve in some areas more than others, so make sure the style is helping you achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you’re thinking of switching things up or find yourself lacking motivation feel free to drop me a message and I’d be happy to talk things through.

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