The Best 7 Things To Get A Yogi for Christmas

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

If you have a yoga lover in your life, Christmas is the perfect time to get them a gift that is both personal and usable.

It doesn't matter if they are a beginner or have been practicing for years. These gifts will be welcomed by all yogis.

From cute little gifts to things that will make their yoga practice even better these gifts are sure to put a smile on their face.

You may also want to check out not on the high street and Etsy for a more personal gift and ideas.

So here we go our top 7 yoga gifts for Christmas

1. A Yoga Mat

Okay this one may be a little bit obvious but getting a shiny new yoga mat that is their own will be a great gift. Not only can they take it to their classes they may even start doing yoga at home.

Reversable Elephant Yoga mat from Gaiam

If you’re looking for a basic one, this one is highly rated on Amazon and comes in lots of different colours!

Want more options? Check out these

2. Yoga Mat Bag

This could be a combination gift with the idea above. Anyone who goes to yoga and has their own mat will need one of these.


YogaAddict Large Bag


Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

Brand-box Multi-Purpose Yoga Mat Bag


Yogasak Original Yoga Sak

Want more ideas? Check out the best sellers on Amazon

3. A Yoga Towel

Chances are your yoga lover attends Hot Yoga Classes. This towel will be perfect for those lessons when things tend to get a bit sweaty.


Check out this one from Lululemon

Mid Range

This one from Amazon has lots of different designs to choose from and is rated quite highly!

The Shandali Stickyfiber Yoga Towel is also a good shout, this one gets stickier the more you sweat!


Syourself Yoga & Hand Towel

voidbiov Quick Dry Non Slip Yoga Towel

If you want more inspiration check out these yoga towel reviews

4. Yoga Leggings

A pair of comfy yoga leggings is every yogis dream, you may find they start wearing them round the house. They are that good!


Lululemon is a well-known brand that has a range of yoga pants and leggings. However, they are a bit on the expensive side!

Mid range

These from Bamboo clothing are also cosy and flowing, allowing for great movement between poses.

If your yogi is also quite active in general, more sports focused ones could be a good option. Gymshark are always bringing out new designs.


These from H&M are free flowing and wont break the bank

5. A Funny Yoga Mug

You can get that one from Amazon

There are also plenty more available. This one from Not on the Highstreet and this one from Zazzle if your yogi enjoys the odd glass of wine.

6. No Slip Yoga Socks

No one wants to be wiped out or slip during yoga practice. The solution? No slip yoga socks. Help your yogi keep balance and improve their form with this gift.


Again there are a bunch you can look at from Lululemon


These from Bombas come in all different type of cool colours and patterns.

If you don’t fancy ordering from the USA take a took at these yoga socks from Sweaty Betty and these from GAIAM on Amazon.


HANSHI 8 Pair Yoga Socks

However if you don't think there the right style, you can also check out these best sellers from Amazon

7. A Good Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated, especially if it’s a hot yoga class, is vitally important. A good water bottle will be just what is required!


This one from Helpful Hydration will allow your yogi to infuse their favourite fruit.


Camelbak Chute 1l Running Trail Canister


Sistema Twist 'n' Sip BPA Free Water Bottle

Want more inspiration? Check out this article from the Independent

Hopefully you find some inspiration from the ideas above and they make your yogi smile on Christmas day!

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