The Best Yoga Poses for Beginners Over 50

Yoga is, and has always been, a great way to exercise and keep strong, fit and healthy. As we age, the emphasis on maintaining flexibility and keeping our muscles and bones strong becomes ever more important, which is where yoga over 50 comes in.

Often those aged 50 or over worry that they will not have the mobility or flexibility needed to practice yoga, but yoga has always been a form of exercise which is able to be modified to suit all ages and abilities. That means that it’s great for beginners of any age too.

If you’re curious about starting yoga and you’re aged 50 or over, we’ve outlined yogas key benefits and compiled a list of the best yoga poses that beginners over 50 can start to practice with.

Can 50 year olds do yoga?

The answer is yes! Anybody can do yoga, regardless of their age, fitness level or mobility. The great thing about yoga is that it's able to be adapted by introducing yoga blocks, or by using other props like chairs. This allows certain poses to be modified so that they’re suitable for all body types and all mobilities.

As we age it becomes even more important to take care of our bodies and to build strong bones and maintain our flexibility. Yoga can help to do all of that, all whilst giving us our recommended daily exercises and even refreshing our brains.

Other benefits of yoga for beginners over 50 include:

  • Yoga can reduce chronic pain: Studies have shown that yoga has been linked to helping reduce age-related chronic pain complaints such as arthritis. Because yoga also promotes flexibility it can help improve the function of our bodies, most notably our joints which are most at risk of incurring natural wear and tear as we age.