What are the 2021 Yoga Trends?

From Beer Yoga, to Goat Yoga to Laughter Yoga, 2020’s Yoga Trends saw them all! Those novelty yoga variations certainly kept us going through a year filled with turbulence and uncertainty.

A new year brings with it new yoga trends however, so let’s see what variations classes and studios across the world will be bringing to the mat in 2021.


An incredible 72% of all global yogis are female, which has led to the practice being stereotyped as a predominantly feminine exercise and leaving men hesitant to get involved.

Yet remarkably the origins of yoga actually show us that it was invented by men, for men!

In 2021 though, it seems that the stereotype may finally be abating as more men follow in the likes of Ryan Giggs, Robert Downey Jr and Colin Farrell and get involved.

A recent stat shows the number of men practicing yoga has increased by 150% percent in 4 years. This epic growth is now also being reflected in the rise of sportswear brands like Nike offering mens yoga clothing such as leggings and shorts.

With such a surge in male yogis, it’s no surprise that Broga looks set to be one of the top yoga trends of 2021. Broga places special emphasis on strength training, muscle toning and cardio work to try and encourage more men to give it a shot.

If you want to know more about why yoga is not just a feminine workout, we myth-busted exactly why Yoga is not just for women in our blog.

SUP Yoga

The summer of 2020 saw the paddleboard market break sales records, and become named as the “sport of 2020”.

It should be no surprise then that SUP Yoga looks set to ride the wave and capitalise on the UK’s new favourite sport.

SUP Yoga is simply yoga on a paddleboard and it comes with a whole host of benefits. It perfectly complements balance movements already found in yoga practice, whilst also connecting yogis with fresh air and the calmness of the water.


HIIT, or High Interval Intensity Training has been a staple part of gym routines for years. It involves short sessions of exercise that are no more than 20-30 minutes in length, but are of a higher intensity than regular exercise sessions.

Although HIIT routines are great forms of exercise in general, another reason for their popularity is because they are so short and therefore much easier to fit into a busy schedule. A majority of people don’t have the time to commit to hour long gym sessions, and so these short but effective sessions make for the perfect routine.

As HIIT sessions tend to primarily focus on cardiovascular and muscle building exercises, their crossovers with yoga are obvious. So HIIT Yoga sessions usually contain vinyasa flows, holds and stretches alongside an activation of both fast and slow muscle strengthening and toning exercises.

A busy-life-friendly yoga session with the intensity ramped up? It’s no wonder this trend is gaining followers.


The impact of the global pandemic is still taking its toll, with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and stress all showing increases in cases reported.

Yoga is proven to be great for mental health and wellbeing anyway, but a new form of yoga combines its natural mind-body connection with colour, light and music to create a multi-sensory experience.

The yoga variation is called ChromaYoga, and is sometimes referred to as Light Therapy Yoga. The practice specifically aims to soothe conditions such as anxiety and even insomnia by utilising the healing properties of both light and colour. As so many of us consume blue light in our daily working (and texting) lives, ChromaYoga uses alternative colour spectrums to alter our moods and leave us feeling refreshed, energised, relaxed and calm.

As more of us look to try and manage our mental well-being for the next few turbulent months, expect to find more ChromaYoga classes popping up around you.

Find out more about How Yoga Helps Your Brain here.

Virtual Yoga

As restrictions remain tightly enforced for the foreseeable future, and social distancing measures remain in place, more and more types of exercise are going online. Yoga is no different.

From free videos on YouTube, to studios offering online subscription services, virtual yoga is becoming a fast favourite as people relax in their own homes whilst still getting their yoga fix.

At Firefly Yoga, we’re no different. We offer on-demand yoga classes, with access to over 50 videos across 7 different styles. The best part is once you subscribe, you can watch whenever, wherever. All you need is an internet connection and your yoga mat. Right now we’re even offering a 3 month deal: Save £22.50 on your first 3 months when you use code FIRST3.

Find out more here. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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