Where have I been?

Where have I been? TW: Postnatal Depression Sophie here - I hope you're all doing well. I ummed and arred about writing this blog but in the end decided that more openess about mental health can only be a good thing. So where have I been - physically at home like everyone else (#lockdownlife) but mentally I've been taking a break to help me feel better. In October I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety. Like everyone else it's been a tough year for me and my family. Having a baby during lockdown, while watching your business fall apart at the seams was definitely not how I imagined welcoming my first child into the world. These stresses as well as some health anxiety and a difficult immediate postnatal period are what contributed to my PND/PNA. I'm on the mend, thanks to some counselling sessions from Mind and medication but I'm definitely not there yet. So taking a break for a little while has done me some good. So what's the point of this blog? Well firstly, to let you know where I've been. But secondly to raise awareness. Postnatal depression and anxiety is very common - 1 in 10 mothers are affected by it. 1 in 10 partners are also affected - it's not just mother's. Becoming a parent is a life-changing event for everyone. With that said it's important to remember postnatal depression or any kind of mental illness is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I have been embarrassed about my diagnoses. I've told very few friends or family and most people I know will find out through this blog. However, although it certainly is difficult to talk about or find the words to express it's important to share how you're feeling. And even more important to seek help. Postnatal depression won't go away on its own - no matter how much you hope it will, and the longer you leave it the worse it could be come. If you're struggling postnatally reach out to your health visitor. I know most of us new parents haven't had much if any contact with them but they are still there to help. You can also contact:

PANDAS - https://pandasfoundation.org.uk/

Mind - this goes for anyone struggling with any kind of mental health issue - https://www.mind.org.uk

Or your GP.

You can also self refer for talking therapy - https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-psychological-therapies-service/

Or look into private therapy if that's within your budget - https://www.betterhelp.com/ So that's all I have to say today. I hope you're all well and looking forward to getting back to classes soon. I'm hoping to be back to filming videos over the weekend ❤️ Sophie x

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