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Which class is right for me?

Updated: Jan 21

At Firefly Yoga was offer many different class styles. We believe that which our breadth & depth of yoga styles there is something for everyone. Keep reading to discover which class style is right for you?

Hatha Yoga

Speed: Medium

Good for: Beginners; Strengthening and Toning Muscle; Pregnant Women

Price: £5

Our 'middle of the road' style of class. Not too fast & not too slow. These classes are a mixture of standing, balancing and seated poses. Poses are held for between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Each class finishes with a breathing exercises and relaxation segment. Although all of our classes are suitable for beginners. This is a great class to start with if you're not sure what you want from your yoga practices.

Hatha Yoga - Set Sequence

Speed: Medium

Good for: Beginners; Strengthening and Toning Muscle; Those Who Like Consistency

Price: £5

As above but the poses are the same every time. This is great is you want to know what you will be doing each time you attend a class.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Speed: Fast

Good for: Improving Balance; Adding Cardio to your Yoga Practice

Price: £5

Our fastest style of class. In a vinyasa flow class you keep moving from one poses to another. Poses are only held for around 10 seconds. This is a great class if you find traditional yoga too slow for you. This class also finishes with a breathing exercise and final relaxation to help you to relax and unwind after your vigorous practice.

Yin Yoga

Speed: Slow

Good for: Improving Flexibility; Relaxation; Athletes on Rest Days

Price: £5

Our slowest and more relaxing style of class. In yin yoga all the poses are done sitting or lying down. Poses are held for around 5 minutes to allow you deepen your stretch and further relax into each pose.

Yoga Tone

Speed: Fast

Good for: Toning Up; Weight Loss*

Price: £5

Yoga Tone is our newest style of class. We combine our hatha style class with the use of 2 x 1kg hand weights and dynamic movement to help you to tone up. This class is mixture of standing and seated poses. This class doesn't include a relaxation period at the end. Instead finishing with 5 minutes of cool down stretches.

Hot Yoga

Speed: Medium

Good for: Beginners; Strengthening and Toning Muscle; Those Wanting a Challenge

Price: £7

Hot Yoga at Firefly is our hatha style class in a room heated to between 35 & 40°C (temperature varies depending on outside temperature). This class has all the benefits of a regular hatha class but with the added challenge of practising in the heat. If you love to sweat this is the class for you!

Parent & Baby Yoga

Speed: Medium

Good for: New Parents & Grandparents

Price: £5

Parent & Baby Yoga is a class for parents or grandparents that they can bring their little ones along to. It is open to parents (or grandparents) and babies aged 6 weeks to walking. This class allows you to exercise without having to worry about childcare. As you practice your baby can lie or sit next to you. It is also a great reintroduction to exercise for mums post-birth.

Meditation Class

Speed: Slow

Good for: Beginners; Relaxation; Mindfulness; Stress Relief

Price: £5

Meditation classes at Firefly Yoga are perfect for meditation newbies. Each class consists of 3 meditation techniques and 3 yin poses. The mixture of meditation techniques and yoga poses allows you time to refresh and recharge your mind in between each technique and means you're not meditating for a prolonged period of time - something very difficult for those new to meditation.

We hope this guide has allowed you to find the perfect yoga class for you. Should you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us. We looking forward to seeing you soon.

*Weight-loss - as with all exercise you can loose weight with yoga providing it is more exercise than you were doing previously and you don't increase the number of calories you were consuming.

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