Whole Body Wellness Business Interview - Love & Light Holistics

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

My most important role is being a wife and proud mother of two teenagers, one of them starting GSCE’s and the other finishing A’ levels and preparing for university.

My passion is helping people reach their potential and have the confidence to achieve anything they set their mind to. I love hearing people’s stories not to be nosey, but to really understand what’s blocking them and help them to understand why it is they feel the way they do.

How long have you been doing what you do

Over a decade.

How did you get into this industry

I first got in holistic therapy after having my first reflexology session when my second pregnancy ended with miscarriage. Then after some time I had my son and three years later had my daughter.

It was when my maternity leave ended after having my daughter in 2006, I returned to my role within the financial services industry. Within months I was offered redundancy. I knew that I wanted to do something totally different and didn’t want to be commuting the 2 hours everyday.

I was offered a very good package with funding to further my training. After the miscarriages myself and husband had a difficult time. There wasn’t anyone that really helped other than an aunt of mine that had gone through the loss of two children. She had an understanding that only someone that has gone through could have. I still required help and after researching holistic therapies I came across Reflexology. After having one reflexology session I felt an instant release and the blockage that I’d felt seemed to go straight away. I was intrigued, so that’s when I researched q as further and found an academy to start my training. I qualified a year later. Then a few years later I was having a tough time again and came across the Bach flowers. This is when my life really did take a positive turn and the missing jig saw puzzle appeared.

Tell us a little about what you’ll be covering in your video

In my video I will be covering what the Bach flowers are, how I found them, how they have benefited me and those around me and how they can benefit everyone.

What other services do you offer

Alongside Reflexology & Bach Flower Remedies I also offer Reiki sessions.

Are there any areas your hoping to expand into in the future

I will soon be offering gentle touch Reflexology for babies & children.

In the near future I will be running a six week course teaching parents the benefits of reflexology and how to use it on their children.

How can people contact you

I can be contacted through my business page https://m.facebook.com/Love-Light-Holistics-992217367488113/

Or message me on 07447050339.

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Buy the video as a one off product - https://www.fireflyyogawales.co.uk/product-page/bach-remedies-video-from-love-light-holistics

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