Why you need yoga during the Christmas Season

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

1. Stress

Unfortunately, the Christmas season can be a stressful time. Whether its monetary stress, the stress of organising or hosting a party or just too many people in one house for too long. Keeping up with your regular yoga class can give you an hour to yourself to have a break and relax. You can also head over to the second blog in this series ‘My Tips for a Less Stressful Christmas’ for more stress reducing tips.


Seasonal Affective Disorder – also known as winter depression is brought on by the change in seasons. The NHS state that symptoms of SADS can include, low mood, irritability, sleeping for longer, craving carbohydrates. Exercise and the hormones produced during exercise can help combat the symptoms of SADS. Yet another great reason to keep up with your regular yoga class.

3. Christmas Health Slump

It can be really easy during the festive period to let your healthy habits slip. If you start to notice your weight creep up its easy to say ‘Oh well it’ll be Christmas soon’ or ‘I’ll start again in January’. However, keeping up with your regular exercise routine through the Christmas season means its easier to continue in the New Year. Keeping up with healthy habits also means you won’t have such a big hurdle to over come in January with post-Christmas weight gain.

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