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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Although I've only been teaching for a year and Firefly Yoga has been open just 8 months, I'm immensely lucky to have had some amazing teaching opportunities outside of my normal classes.

1. Teaching yoga to the Miss Wales finalists

In February I taught yoga to the Miss Wales finalists. Most of them were gathered together in Cardiff for a pageant prep. As well as dress rehearsals and pageant tips the girls took part in empowerment workshops and other confidence boosting activities.

As part of their 2 day event I taught a 45 minute yoga class to the girls. It was a great experience, for both me and the girls. We had a range of experience levels in the room from professional dancers to yoga newbies but they all gave it 100% and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Yoga with the Miss Wales finalists

2. Firefly Yoga at Glastonselfy Music Festival

In June I signed up for a pitch at a local charity music festival. After a lot of planning and preparation I had a great day! It was a beautifully sunny day with a light breeze, just the weather for yoga outside. Though it wasn't a busy day those who did come along thoroughly enjoyed either trying yoga for the first time or trying yoga in a different environment. As well as easing their hangovers in some cases!

3. Yoga with the Miss Universe GB finalists.

Much like the Miss Wales finalists, the Miss Universe GB finalists were in Cardiff for a few days in preparation for the finals. I was asked to teach an early morning yoga session to the ladies on the second day of their pre-final activities. This time we focused on some energising and awakening poses as well as a positive and grounding meditation session to finish.

Miss Universe GB finalists doing some early morning yoga

4. Yoga at Summer School.

My fourth and final opportunity was just last week. I was asked to teach yoga at a summer school for school leavers at a college local to me. The summer school aimed to give the pupils a wide range of opportunities as well as help them transition to college. Teaching 15-16 year olds was not without its challenges but was also hugely rewarding.

Tips for other Yoga Teachers:

Here are some tips for other yoga teachers if you'd like to branch out and teach in the community.

1. Don't be afraid to pay for opportunities

I paid for my pitch at the music festival. I also paid for the use of the Miss Wales brand when I taught yoga to the Miss Wales finalists. Although paying for opportunities can seem counter productive I believe it is well worth it. These opportunities can be great publicity and allow you to grow your regular classes. They can also lead to further opportunities. This is what happened fir me - I was invited back (and paid I might add) to teach yoga to the Miss Universe finalists after my class with the Miss Wales ladies.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is not only a great feel good thing to do it also brings yoga to those who may not have the opportunity others. This is great for them. It may also spark a new interest in them and they may well come to one of your regular classes.

3. It won't always be brilliant

A i mentioned I didn't have a super busy day at the music festival. But it was still a great experience and a positive one for the people who did try a class. Teaching in unfamiliar environments with different participants can also be challenging but just do your best. Don't plan to rigidly and just go with the flow, and your gut!

4. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there

I know it can daunting emailing, calling or even asking in person if you can teach a yoga class somewhere. But if you don't ask you don't get. I also always tell myself when I get worried - The worst they can say is no.

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