Yoga Myth Busting: People Will Laugh at You If You're Bad

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We've covered quite a few yoga myths so far, and there are still plenty more to come. In this myth busting blog we're going to address a myth that is likely holding a lot of people back from even starting yoga.

People will laugh at me if I’m bad.

It's only a little thought but it can hold even the bravest person from trying something new.

At the start of the year we conducted a beginners yoga survey looking at the biggest fears those have when first starting. In 2nd place with just over 19% of the votes was "being judged by others" and in 3rd "looking silly" with 18%.

So, if you do have that fear you're not alone.

Whilst it is an acceptable fear, it is however, a complete myth.

There is laughter but it’s not directed at anyone.

Laughter is present in our yoga classes, but it is in no way shape or form directed at people on a personal level. No one is going to be there laughing at pointing at you because you can’t do a pose.

If there is even a sense of that within my studio that student is straight out the door. That's not what yoga is about.

Instead they are more likely to share a quick glance with you to show they are also finding it difficult and you both laugh together.

You may even hear the odd student laughing at themselves.

Are you allowed to laugh in class?

Students, friends and family always ask me this, and I actually highly encourage it in my classes.

If you lose your balance in a pose, laugh at yourself. If you go to the left when cued to go to the right, laugh at yourself. There’s also plenty of laughing with me when I get my left and right the wrong way round!

After a long day or maybe even week, yoga is a place you can fully relax and just focus on you and your body. Don't take yourself to seriously in the student, try and stay open minded.

Remember yoga is not a competition, egos are left at the door and you don’t need to worry if you can’t do everything straight away. Don't judge yourself or anyone in the class, and instead focus on what is happening in your own body.

To quote one student who took part in our survey

Just do it! You notice improvements every week, it’s great to help switch off from everything else - all of us have our off days in class, even the best ones look silly in certain poses, everyone is there to improve their well-being and to have fun, not to judge.

As a teacher, it's honestly quite uplifting when I hear a student laugh during class.

There is scientific proof that when we laugh it releases endorphins in our bodies which in turn make us happier (and healthier).

A yoga studio is a no judgement zone, it's a place to relax, switch off and focus on yourself for an hour.

Stick at it

Most of the laughable moments come from losing your balance. If you feel yourself going or do lose your balance a quick laugh or some form of sound will undoubtedly come out of your mouth.

When it does, that laugh may spread to those next to you in a lesson. They aren't laughing at you out of spite. They will be laughing because it has happened to them before.

And if you do lose your balance, what's going to happen? You're going to get straight back into that pose and try to hold it again.

It's no big deal. In fact, most of the time it opens up good talking points with class mates who will be able to offer advice. You will probably even hear them say they struggled with that pose for ages, just as you are currently.

Still on the fence?

Only you can take the step and try something new. Its daunting, but it's worth it.

But if you're still not convinced, in our yoga survey we also asked those who have recently started what they would say to anyone thinking about starting.

The overwhelming answer

35 Responses of simply “Just Do it / Just Try It / Go for It"

You can read what they all had to say on the link below

50 Beginners on starting yoga

If one of the things holding you back is not knowing what class to go to, we've got you covered. Read our blog below.

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