Premium 26 week (6 month) pass - 2 classes/week. 


Terms and Conditions

Passes will start on the day of activation and run continuously for the number of weeks stated. 

Day of activation is the day of purchase if purchased at the studio or the next time you attend the studio if purchased online.

Day of activation can be delayed if you buy a pass that's on sale and currently have another pass running. 

Passes will not be extended if you are on holiday.

Passes will be extended if the studio is closed for 4 days or more. 

Passes will not be extended if the studio is only shut for the weekend. 

To attend Hot Yoga you need a Premium Pass. 

You can upgrade your Standard 4 Week Pass and attend hot yoga by paying the additional £2. However you may only do for less than 50% of the classes on your pass (eg 1 out for 4 for a once a week pass, 3 out of 8 for a twice a week pass etc). 

No Hot Yoga £2 are available on passes longer than 4 weeks due to the difficulty in tracking percentages. 

2 classes/week for 6 months (Premium)

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