This 6 minute video will introduce you to the world of Bach Remedies. This video is available to watch once purchased until March 7th. 


Leah says: 

'Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful for emotional balance. There are 38 remedies and up to 7 can be mixed in a combination bottle and taken daily. They are safe for children & adults even through trying to conceive or during pregnancy.

They can provide comfort during a crisis or when you need support and guidance for living a happier and more fulfilled life. Each bottle I mix is personalised to my clients, after taking them the clients report very positive effects and usually come back for more. Personalised Bottles are £25 and last around 4 weeks.

That’s when usually a new consultation is booked another mix is made up, not necessarily any remedies from the first mix.

If your emotions are heightened this festive season and you would like a consultation and a personalised mix, please get in touch.'

Bach Remedies Video from Love & Light Holistics

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