Level: Mixed Ability

Price: £5-£7

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Tuesday 7-8pm Hatha Yoga _ Rhiw Syr Dafydd School, Oakdale, NP12 0NA Saturday 9-10am Alter

Class Styles

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increase muscle strengthen and tone

  • Improves balance - can help minimise fall risk

  • Increased core strength - can help with pelvic floor health

  • Improves posture and body alignment 

  • Possibility of weight loss

  • Promotes peace of mind

  • aids stress relief and relaxation

  • Boosts happiness

  • Improves concentration

Hatha Yoga - a medium speed class. This class consists of half standing and half mat based poses. Each pose is held for between 30 and 60 seconds. Yogis come back to a neutral position between each pose. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - a fast style of class. In this class yogis flow from one pose to another. Each poses is held for around 10 seconds. This class is broken up into 3 sequences with a water break in between. Each sequence is mixture of standing and mat based poses. 

Yin Yang Yoga - the perfect balance. This class starts with 40 minute of Yoga Tone - where small repetitive movement are used to enhance the muscle toning and strengthening affects of yoga. The next 40 minutes of class are Yin style. All poses are done either sitting or lying down and are held for around 5 minutes each. This allows the body to relax deeper into the stretch and improve flexibility and range of motion. 



It is the best yoga class I have attended (Yin).
Like the previous review said - the teacher and venue are great. I always come away from class feeling relaxed and positive.
Highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking up this practice.

Yoga tone is my favourite. I call it bootcamp but I saw a huge change in my appearance and level of fitness within no time at all.

I like to do a Hatha Yoga class when I want an all round stretch and to engage all the muscles in my body. It's a great class to work on my balancing as well. (Which I need to work on!) I find it relaxing but can still feel the muscles working!