Level: Mixed

Price: £5

Duration: 1 Hour

What To Expect In Our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Vinyasa flow is our fastest yoga class, each pose will "flow" into the next one so If you appreciate having things a little loose and unpredictable and like to keep moving, this style is definitely worth a try.

A more energetic flow, good for days when you want to do a little more.

I like this class as I work up a sweat. The faster pace means that, not only do I feel I've stretched out the muscles, but that I've had a workout as well.

It ties up your brain to listen to and follow the instruction thus clearing it of any other thoughts from your day or life. It’s a bit of a brain rest and a body energiser!

What people say about Vinyasa Yoga

Why Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • More of a cardio work out than our other class

  • Transition from one pose to another is great for practising balance

  • Great for those who find traditional yoga too slow for them

  • Relaxation session at the end still gives time to relax and unwind