Level: Mixed

Price: £5

Duration: 1 Hour

What To Expect In A Yin Yoga Class

Yin yoga is our slowest and most relaxing class. All the poses are performed either sitting or lying down. The class will only consist of between 7-10 poses with each pose being held for 5 minutes each.

Many of our clients that run, cycle etc enjoy this class to stretch out after training. 

Yin is so relaxing and great for a post-run stretch. I always feel chilled after yin.

SO RELAXING. Plus plenty of time to work on my flexibility.

Great as a post-run stretch. Love the peace and calm

What people say about Yin Yoga

Why Yin Yoga

  • Great class for improving flexibility

  • Good class to contract the effects of sitting at a desk

  • Holding the poses for longer allows for a deeper stretch

  • Slow pace of class allows for an hour of relaxation