Level: Beginner

Price: From £2.50

Duration: 1 Hour

Yoga Classes For Children

At Firefly Yoga we welcome children aged 5+ at any of our non-hot classes. All children aged 16 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult who can fill in and sign their health questionnaire. 

The price for children aged under 14 is £2.   

Hatha Yoga and Hatha Yoga-Set Sequence are popular with children & families. These classes are a mixture of standing and seated poses. The poses are held for around 1 minute. These classes are a good general introduction to yoga for children. 

Children are also welcome to attend our Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. This is a fast paced class. This would be good if you think your child may get bored holding the poses for a longer period of time. 

Our Yin Yoga class is also open to children. This is a very slow and relaxing class. This would be better suited to older children or teenagers. Due to its relaxing nature this could be a great revision break class.  

Note: During the school holidays older siblings are welcome to come along and watch or participate at our Parent and Baby Yoga class. 

Why should children do yoga?

  • Improve focus

  • Support current sporting activities through improving balance, flexibility and strength

  • Learn something new

  • Fun & healthy activity for you and your child

  • Gives children time and techniques to relax

  • Could improve confidence 

Private Bookings - Family Yoga Session. 

Would you prefer to have the studio to yourselves as a family? Head over to our Private Booking page for more info on how to book your family yoga session.