Yoga Has No Boundaries 

It's for everyone, everywhere. No matter how old, or what part of the world they are from.

One of my favourite things about yoga is that is everywhere. It's spread to most corners of the earth and you can practice pretty much anywhere you find the space.


As those playing football/soccer in the park can use jumpers for goalposts, us yogis can just as easily find a nice little spot to start a routine. Probably away from the flying footballs though.


There are yoga retreats in the most ridiculously beautiful places in the world. There are studios in tiny little villages (such as mine) and loads in the big cities like London.


One of my favourite things about Yoga is that no matter who or where you are in the world you can enjoy the benefits. You can also find awesome yogis all over the world.


We all start somewhere and have our own goals that we want to achieve through yoga. I was curious to see what motivated my fellow yoga teachers to get started.


To show yoga is worldwide I got in touch with some from around the world!

The Studios

A massive thank you to all the studios who got involved with this, as you can see in the map below we are spread around the world quite nicely!

The Questions

I asked them 3 questions:


1. What inspired you to get started?


2. What's favourite Place to do yoga outside of the Studio? 


3. What’s your favourite thing about yoga?


The first place we start is with our fellow Firefly from over the pond...


These questions were answered by Holly Garrison. 


1.  What inspired you to get started? 

I was inspired by the practice of yoga itself when I first began as a student.  The spark was ignited and quietly waited.  Yoga offers so many amazing gifts, and I'm a teacher at heart, so I wanted to share them with others.  About five years ago doors opened in life that led me to opening a studio.  I felt like I was just following the path of a stream that flowed in a new direction, and I went with it - here we are!


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  

There is a beautiful space in downtown Orlando that has served the yoga community here for many years.  It recently came under new ownership and management by a lovely group of women who offer it as a multipurpose space.  It is now called COAL, the Center of Abundant Living.  I can teach a class there once a week, and it is so magical!  My students and I love it!


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?

Come on?!  Just ONE?!  Umm...SO many things from which to choose...if I must pick, I will say the family of students that makes up our studio community, but really, I could list myriad aspects of this amazing practice!



These questions were answered by Mindy Johnstone, Founder of Rocky Mountain Yoga.


1.  What inspired you to get started? 


I opened RMY in 2009 and the love of the practice, the vibrancy of the community and a place to come together to learn and grow propelled me to create RMY. My vision for the studio is quality of instruction through open communication with teachers and students, trust that aids in creating a safe and nurturing environment for students and teachers as well a consistent schedule where people can develop their practice.


View from the studio window!

2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


There are many beautiful areas to practice in the National Park. The photo in the field is at the Banff reservoir is with one of our teachers Trish Tutton (photo courtesy of Lululemon Banff), the one in headstand is in Banff Central Park where we often do yoga in the park or bring private groups


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


It compliments everything we do off our mat. It highlights our strength and our weaknesses, so we can bring balance into them both. Yoga is a platform to create peace within ourselves and therefore positively affects each day of our lives. It’s a perfect practice to become more in tuned with our interactions with one another so that our conversations and tasks are immersed in the present and have our fullest attention



Questions answered by Founder Natalie Devoy


1.  What inspired you to get started? 


There are too many starting points leading to Nomad, but I’ll try to keep it short.

I'd been living & working in Vietnam for 9 years and decided to take 1-year sabbatical. During that year I completed my diploma in nutrition, reiki healing, massage training and 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal with the school from India - Rishikul Yogshala. 


When I returned to Hoi An, I really felt the need to have an Indian Yoga teacher in Hoi An to continue my practice.  So, I invited Vipin Baloni my yoga teacher from the TTC program to visit for a holiday :-). He came for 2 weeks, a friend lent me her office space so Vipin could host some yoga classes and every day we had about 15 students. 


Vipin & I joked about opening a yoga school in Hoi An, but I didn't take it seriously, as I was busy thinking about ideas for my wellness business.  

About a year later my husband decided to open a vegetarian restaurant, and upstairs there was a small room he wasn't using, which could fit about 10 yoga mats. So, I called the school and asked them to send an Indian Yoga teacher for 3 months to see what would happen. 


It couldn't be that hard really, I thought - all I need to do is buy 11 yoga mats, design a logo, create a website & print some flyers right.  Vipin said that a good auspicious day would be 7th January to open the yoga school.  Great - Wait - That’s 3 weeks away, ok I'd better get cracking!  And this was how we started.  We created a bigger studio outside and have recently moved to a better location which serves better as a yoga studio and cafe.

Our 2nd Yoga Teacher Rahul came fell in love with Hoi An and has been with us for nearly 3 years. He was the instigator of our 200-hour yoga teacher training programs.

2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


We offer Beach yoga every morning and Rice Field Yoga for private Groups. On international yoga day we like to arrange flash mobs around Hoi A town.


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


You can take it anywhere, it's universal & it has the answer to just about everything in life.  I love the people you meet through yoga.


1.  What inspired you to get started? 


 I was inspired to take over Y. Yoga studio in Bergen after teaching different classes in different venues. One of the places I worked at was a new studio, and the process of starting up and creating a safe space for yoga practice seemed very appealing to me. 


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


I started my yoga career teaching donation-based classes at the beach in Malaga, so the beach is a place I love to do yoga outside the studio. But in Bergen there is more mountains than beaches so doing yoga after a hike up one of the surrounding mountains is perfect! Also, my rooftop is super nice to get some yoga with a view on sunny days :) 


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


Yoga gives me everything I need! Strength, meditation, a feeling of calmness and pure joy :) 


1.  What inspired you to get started? 


The founder of Studio One is Damir Božinović. Since 2002, he has been traveling throughout Europe to different yoga centers and was studying from well-known yoga teachers, such as Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswamy Gyandev McCord, Mark Whitwell and others.

Damir felt in his heart the invitation to start spreading this knowledge about yoga and has decided to open Studio One in 2009. Since then he is teaching yoga daily and is organizing Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


Favorite place to do yoga is at home. Although where ever you go and do yoga you feel at home :) but would also add somewhere near the sea as a great place to connect. 


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


 Meditation - the best way to be in contact with myself. 



Questions answered by founder Bonnie Maclean


1.  What inspired you to get started? 


As far as how I got started, I have been practicing for almost 20 years, 15 of which here on Koh Samui.  My practice has evolved in many ways through various life changes, including pregnancies and children, moving and traveling around the world and running a studio business.


I opened the studio 7 years ago after searching for many years previous for the right space and time to do it.   The location and building of The Yogarden is quite special, it’s in a beautiful area of the island in a 90-year-old traditional Thai Teak house.  It’s been converted through a lot of hands on love and attention to bring it to its present glory.   It’s a work in progress and a labour of love to maintain it but one I am very proud of.  

It has united people from all over the globe here to practice yoga (some for the first time ever), eat healthy food, have a massage or therapy or just relax in a unique warm, welcoming environment.  I have guests returning year after year and I’m told daily of what a special place it is.  I’m truly grateful.


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


As a mother of 3, I rarely get time to visit as many studios as I would like to. I do my best when I travel to attend whenever, where ever possible.  It’s a treat to be able to be present in another space and complete detached from any responsibilities concerning the studio or work.  


One of my favourite places to practice is a little studio up in Chiang Mai called Wild Rose. It’s small and intimate but has a certain charm and character like my studio.

3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


I can’t pinpoint one thing that is my favourite about yoga.  It has so many benefits and many which take form during different phases or times in ones life journey.    


Many people begin yoga and find the initial positive effects are physical but over time and with practice it always goes much deeper.   Finding a true awareness of yourself, your body, your breath and your capacity to focus on the present moment thru the practice and then beyond the mat is magical.  This brings you a connection with things beyond as well, finding harmony with others and nature as well.   



Questioned answered by Founder Veronika

Q1. What inspired you to get started? 

I took my first class 9 years ago in Philippines and I loved it. Once I moved to the Greek island of Santorini, there were no yoga classes available. So, to practice correctly, I chose to join a school for yoga teachers. I liked it so much that once we opened a hostel with my husband here in Santorini, I decided to offer my classes there on a rooftop. It became popular and now I am busy most of the week teaching private or group classes.


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


My classes are 90% outside. I love my yoga rooftop; besides that, I am always happy to be called for a private class at the beach. Kamari, Exo Gialos or Perissa/Perivolos here in Santorini being my top places.


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


During my practice I think only about my breath, my body, how to get into the pose and hold it, if the sensations I experience are pain, tension, tightness, pleasant or unpleasant etc. This whole thing gives me a welcome break from all the other thoughts that are cluttering my mind during the day, we can say that just for an hour I completely clear my mind from anything else.



Questions answered by founder Melinda Cross


Q1. What inspired you to get started? 

I have always been drawn to yoga mostly because of health issues!! I become vegetarian at the age of 19 when I had a stomach infection and the beginning of an ulcer. This led me to meet people that were making healthy choices!! I had my first yoga class and I loved it!!


Then I moved to Cusco, Peru and I got diagnosed with psoriasis and had to make big choices in my life to make a better life.  In my medicine journey, I realised all the toxic patterns and decided to change them with good patterns. Here we are many years later and I'm still practicing yoga and the healthy habits that changed my life!! 


2.   What's your favourite place to do yoga outside of the Studio?  


In Cusco the weather is very extreme so that is why we picked beautiful surroundings, we tried our best to integrate our studio into these surroundings to be with nature.


3.  What's your favourite thing about yoga?


My favourite thing about yoga is that it's a constant challenge. It's a way to face your thoughts and unresolved things in life. It's a connection with your soul and becoming a happier & conscious person!! 

Final Thoughts

Everyone starts their yoga journey somewhere and for his or her own reasons, you never know where it will take you or how it will affect you. 


What I love from each of these stories are the benefits everyone finds. The communities each yoga studio can build and the positivity every founder wishes to spread.