Level: Mixed

Price: £5

Duration: 1 Hour

What Is Hatha Yoga - Set Sequence?

Hatha Yoga - Set Sequence is a class unique to our studio. It is a Hatha style class but the sequence of poses is the same each time. This is a great class if you’re new to yoga. It is also great if you’d prefer to know what poses will be coming each week and would like to be able to practice them at home.

The sequence is a mixture of standing and sitting poses. it has been designed to work on all your body. it has also be designed with very flexible poses. The poses can be adapted to suit beginners but also advanced as you come more often and want to progress in each pose. 

Set sequences is great because not only does it tone and strengthen, I know what's coming next and get to do the poses more accurately with practice.

Routine; knowing what comes next so you can maybe concentrate a little less on the instruction and therefore have chance to clear your mind more so.

The set sequence means I get to know what is coming next and I can practise pushing myself further in the stretches and measure my progress with this class

What people say about set Hatha yoga

Why Hatha Yoga - Set Sequence?

  • Same sequence each time means no surprises

  • Balanced and varied full body work out

  • Opportunity to work on balance and flexibility

  • Repetition of poses give you chance to perfect and advance each pose

  • Great for toning up your muscles

  • Great for older people to maintain current mobility

  • Breathing exercise and final relaxation give you time to relax and unwind

  • Suitable for children aged 5+

  • Suitable for pregnant women