Level: Mixed

Price: £5

Duration: 60 Minutes

What Is Yoga Tone?

Yoga Tone is our latest class! It is a dynamic Hatha style class that uses 2x 1kg hand weights to add intensity. Like our other Hatha style classes it consists of half standing & half seated poses, as well as including some balancing poses too. It will work on toning your whole body with a lot of focus on the arms, glutes and abs! Check out the video below to get a flavour for the class. 

Yoga tone is my favourite. I call it bootcamp but I saw a huge change in my appearance and level of fitness within no time at all.

Quite tough and a good all-round work-out

You can feel the difference it makes to your strength. You can challenge yourself in small bursts.

What people say about Yoga Tone

Why Yoga Tone?

  • Combine your love of yoga with this intensive yet fun class

  • Lower impact than a circuits or bootcamp class

  • Great for those who find regular classes to slow or easy

  • Work up a sweat

  • Potential to see results in as little as 6 weeks